176 pages
182 mm x 128 mm
90 mm cover flaps
Format: Paperback
ISBN 978-1-7392596-0-0
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Special Edition
Book + individual hand painted book size water colour
Edition of 10 
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Instructions from Light Emma Bolland

I am wrong (always wrong regarding past and future). He is smiling not at memories, but at projections. I should correct my translation. But I won’t.

scars wound wave negative

My eye is a hole that receives language but my tongue can’t spit it back out. Working through the ‘auto’ – auto-fiction, auto-theory – Instructions from Light ventures speaking and writing a current condition of trauma, trauma in its present tense. Embodying this current condition, the book takes shape through hybrid writing, collaged image, and a ‘bad’ act of translating the screenplay LE SILENCE, written by Louis Delluc for his 1920 Impressionist film of the same name. As the book takes shape, shapes break down, positions shift, the ‘I’ splits and we, as readers, are swept along. Where to? With who? I, she, they – in a room, in a story, in a script, in a film, in an archive, in a photograph, cut/to you (or was it her?) in an object, as one. Complex, crafted, acerbic, un-nerving, Instructions from Light is writing at its most lucid.

- Kristen Kreider

‘A startlingly bold act of adaptation that renders a lost screenplay as an illuminated manuscript, where text itself is transfigured into moving images. A compelling drama of language and silence.’

- Jake Arnott

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