One, 2, 3   Jenna Collins

We are, in theory, in a modernist house on a North Sea shore but in actuality, we are in a suite of rooms on the third floor of a long-closed Davos sanatorium. Whilst the surfaces are painted white and pale blue something of a Black Forest style remains - in the shape of things - but mainly it’s the bedding; red circular cushions and the rippled edge of whitish sheets that drool from under a dark brown blanket. We do not have the shore location that we had planned for and I am asking you now to recall this fact when, later on, the sea references start to build up. We might need to go back to the start and rewrite, demand the resources we need to make this thing properly but I can’t imagine that actually working - I am not a very persuasive person.

Exploiting forms and materials that traditionally get burnt up in the production of the moving image, One, 2, 3 moves through sequences and fragments of writing concerned with invention, extraction and theft.

Jenna Collins is a London based artist. Her solo and collaborative work has been broadcast, exhibited and screened widely including on Radio 3 Late Junction, at The BFI, ICA, Café OTO, Stanley Picker Gallery, TACO, London, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, Malongen/ Nordic Art Association, Stockholm.


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