JOAN is a new publishing project for contemporary interdisciplinary writing.

Series six:
Katie Willis ︎
Jona Xhepa (forthcoming)
Volker Eichelmann (forthcoming)
Sharon Kivland (forthcoming)

Series five:
Composing with Tape Recorders ︎
Dance Across the Carpeted Floor, Please ︎
Wait With Your Friends and Do Your Best to Stay There ︎

Series four:

Susan Finlay ︎
Sean Kinson  ︎

Caitlin Merrett King ︎
Sally O’Reilly ︎
Rose Higham-Stainton ︎

Series three:
Paul Becker ︎

Emma Bolland ︎

Angus Carlyle ︎

Series two:

Anne Tallentire ︎

Sam Cottington ︎

Zara Joan Miller ︎

Series one:
Joanna Walsh ︎
Jenna Collins ︎
Karoline Lange ︎
Lucie McLaughlin ︎

…yes, Semiotext(e) is the freaking best. (JOAN ain’t too shabby neither!)
- Jack Skelley

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