45 pages 
182 mm x 128 mm
90 mm cover flaps
Format: Paperback
ISBN 978-1-7392596-1-7
£12 (£2.50 p&p)

Special Edition
Book + Hand printed letterpress bookmark  
Edition of 15
£40 (£2.50 p&p)

Nine Thoughts Over Oranges  Sean Kinson

Our hands sift through easy peelers, satsumas, tangerines and clementines

while the mind, too, goes to work, wondering whether forty years ago,

Karen Brodine imagined a cohort
of queer writers, artists, poets dreaming their hands

typesetting and printing, quick fingers trained precise by stickered expiry, chilli cheddar, camembert.

‘Nine Thoughts Over Oranges is a litany of sensory detail. Fragmentary description of food stuffs swell and overwhelm, but sparse arrangement works against feeling fed up. These are poems of abundance and coming undone in the petit bourgeois aisles of social desperation. You leave them with an understanding of the affective disjuncture within neurodivergent trans experience stowed on your person, like six packets of ham you didn’t know you’d pocketed.’

- Roy Claire Potter

Sean Kinson uses unstable processes of writing to narrate instability of identity. They produce work with letterpress and typescript under the name Body Bilingual Books. This is their first poetry collection.

A reading by Sean Kinson for the launch of their book Nine Thoughts Over Oranges.

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